Standalone / standby uninterruptible power supply, 300W
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Standalone / standby uninterruptible power supply D-Link DPS-2500 is an efficient and reliable power supply system for use in computer networks. Using an external battery DPS-2500 can provide a long-term operation of network devices and provide stable power to the connected equipment, in addition DPS-2500 provides system administrators time to a safe shutdown of network devices in the event of a power failure, to prevent data loss. Due to the automatic control mode power supply ensures a high reliability, so you can use this device to secure network devices such as routers, switches and access points. Audible alarm and front panel indicators provide information on the nutritional status and battery power.
Control Options
DPS-2500 contains software for the management and protection of network equipment. The device is a USB-port. 
The compact design
DPS-2500 is placed in a compact package and provides uninterrupted protection from power surges in the event of a power failure.
Using rechargeable batteries
DPS-2500 has no internal battery. D-Link recommends the use of a standard 12-volt battery with any amperage.

Tip: The majority of car batteries can be used with DPS-2500.

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Fiziksel Özellikler
Rated power
500 • A
Rated power
300 W
Power factor
• Input: Sine wave, step wave (43% - 80% duty cycle)
• Rated voltage: 220 VAC
• Detection of lower supply: 170 VAC ± 5%
• Return reduce supply: 180 VAC ± 5%
• Detection of increasing supply: 260 VAC ± 5%
• Return to increase supply: 250 VAC ± 5%
• Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz (note: non-standard input frequency> = 40 Hz does not cause the UPS to switch to battery power mode)
• The power supply from the mains: sine, step-wave (43% - 80% duty cycle)
• The battery power: modified sine wave
• Power mode power from the power supply: Input Voltage
• The voltage on battery power: 220 VAC ± 10%
• The frequency of the mode with the battery: 50/60 Hz ± 1 Hz
• Net load capacity XII: 1,2 uF
• Response time to change in load (10% -> 90%) <150 ms (100% load RCD, 2 mF / W)
• The battery power (maximum output voltage): 230 <Vp <400
Short circuit protection and input power
• The power supply from the mains 220 VAC, 5 A AC
• The battery power: Denial of 3 cycles
• AC voltage MOV RMS: 350 V 400 j
Thermal protection
Battery mode: Active @ converter> 130 ± 5 stops, the converter return @ <75 ± 5 stops
• The power cord from the AC power:> 97% (with an installed load SPS, the battery is fully charged)
• The battery power:> 80% (fixed load SPS)
Low pitched noise
• The power supply from the electrical network: <40 dB
• Battery mode: <45 dB
Transmission time: 13 ms max.
Communication interface
Output connection
Output: IEC Outlet * 4
• Battery: 12
• Permissible manufacture: rechargeable lead-acid battery, battery deep discharge
• Open circuit voltage: 13.7V ± 1,5%
• The level of pre-alarm: 11 ± 0,5 VDC
• Protection against overcharging:> 14.5 ± 1,5% 
• Backup time:
Power  Limited backup time 
 200 ~ 250 W 90 minutes
 251 ~ 300 W 20 minutes
• Maximum charge current: 3A max.
• Leakage of battery: 150 mA max.
• Avoid deep discharge
Display with 3 LEDs
Mode power cord from the AC The indicator will light green Lights
Battery mode Indicator is blinking amber Every 10 seconds
Overload Indicator is flashing red Every 0.5 seconds
Low battery charge Indicator is flashing red Every second
Failure Mode Indicator is lit in red Continuous
The alarm
Alarms Battery mode Beep every 10 seconds
Low battery charge Beeps every second
Overload Beeps every 0.5 seconds
Replacing the battery Beeps every 2 seconds
Failure A continuous sound
Fan Controller
The fan will turn on when the load> 180 W, and off when the load is <150 W


Fiziksel Özellikler

Operating temperature
0 to 50 C
Storage temperature
0 to 50 C
Operating Humidity
From 0% to 90% non-condensing
From 0 to 2000 m
Dimensions (L x W X B)
207 mm x 280 mm x 44,5 mm
1.98 kg
Safety requirements
EMC requirements


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