SFP transceiver 1 port 10GBase-ZR for singlemode fiber optic cable (80 km)
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Series 10G SFP+ Module D-Link – it transceivers with hot-swappable, which are installed in ports SFP+ switches and provide job Ethernet networks at 10 GB/s Transceivers series 10G SFP+ Module D-Link offers users opportunities connect to networks 10-Gigabit Ethernet and are designed for data centers, facilities, to accommodate the switching equipment, as well as tackle the challenges faced by providers of telecommunication services. Improved format Small Form-factor Pluggable The transceivers use the enhanced format Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP+). Form factor SFP+ smaller than other form factors such as Xenpak, X2 and 10G XFP, and provides a low cost, low power dissipation and high port density. The transceivers provide the necessary signal amplification for data transfer from the port to the network cable, and Vice versa, for data reception port from the network cable. Hot plugging All D-Link transceivers are hot-pluggable. Connecting transceiver to the active device will not cause any problems. This allows you to connect or disconnect the transceiver without disrupting the rest of the network. The speed of 10 Gbps The transceivers are designed to work in networks of 10-Gigabit Ethernet, which allows to achieve very fast data transfer. A tenfold increase compared to the 1 Gbps switch allows faster and in greater volume to handle data streams. Digital diagnostics DDM Some of 10G SFP+ transivers have the function of tracking critical parameters in real time (DDM), including input and output power, temperature and voltage. This provides the convenience of monitoring the status of fiber-optic lines and early detection of problems. Bidirectional (WDM) technology Bidirectional (WDM) technology enables the reception and transmission of data over a single fiber using two different wavelengths. This helps to save on the cost of deploying extra fiber cables, and also provides a more flexible bandwidth allocation.

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Hardware Interfaces • 1 port 10GBASE-ZR Type form factor • SFP+ Connector • Duplex LC connector Single/bidirectional • Unidirectional Standard fibre channel FC-PI • 1200-SM-LL-L 10G Fiber Channel Support fiber optic cable • Singlemode Standards • IEEE-802.3 ae • 10GBASE-ZR The distance data transmission • 80 km The speed of data transfer • 10GB/s Wavelength • 1550 nm Optical output power (TX) • Max.: 4 dBm • Min.: 0 dBm Input optical power (RX) • Max.: -7 dBm • Min.: -24 dBm Sensitivity -24 dBm Type of cable • Single mode fiber 9/125 µm Supported functions • Hot plugging • Compatible with MSA • Compatible with RoHS DDM (Digital diagnostics) • No Color lock • White Physical parameters Weight • 20 grams Dimensions • 14,8 x 56,5 x 11,85 mm (compatible with SFF8432) Conditions Power • 3.3 V Max. input current • 450 mA Min. budget power • 24dB Max. budget power • 28 dB Heat dissipation • 5,35 kJ/h MTBF (hours) • 1 584 786 Temperature • Operating: 0 to 70 C • Storage: -40 to 85 C Humidity • Operating: 5% to 85% non-condensing • Storage: 5% to 85% non-condensing Other Certificates • CE • FCC • VCCI • UL • TUV


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