100G Passive QSFP28 Direct Attach Cable Series


  • DEM-CB100Q28 Direct Attach Cable is designed to support high-speed connections up to 100Gbps. This cable provides an ideal and cost-effective solution for high-speed connectivity between D-Link switch devices and other devices on the same server rack or adjacent racks.

    The DEM-CB100Q28 supports speeds of 100Gbps at a distance of 1 meter using the standard QSFP28 port which provides an optimal solution for handling high bandwidth over short distances. Can be used as a physical stacking cable or uplink cable for D-link switch devices such as the DXS-3610 series.

    The DXS-3610 series switches have high performance with 10G Ethernet switching and routing capabilities making it suitable for use at enterprise and campus levels.

    Supports Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technology that gives network administrators the ease and control to design, build and manage computer networks.

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