Pro-Connect 4 Port KVM Switch
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The Pro-Connect 4 Port KVM Switches from D-Link let you take instant command up to four  desktop or notebook PCs! Ready to run right out of the box with no software required, the Pro-Connect 4 port KVM Switches let you connect the cables from four computers to a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse. Switch between PCs with the press of a key, or use the switch's cycling feature to switch automatically at time intervals that you select. Got a notebook computer? Plug it into the switch and control it from your desktop PCs, full-sized keyboard,  monitor, and mouse--its like having your own
docking station! 

Every Pro-Connect 4 Port KVM Switch virtually eliminates cable swapping while saving you hundreds of dollars in storage space and hardware costs. It's the perfect choice for any file server fleet, BBS, Internet, or test site where you need to manage two PCs quickly and easily!


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