11Mbps 2.4GHz Wireless LAN Outdoor Bridge
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Point-to-Multipoint Architecture
The DWL-1800 Wireless Outdoor Bridge series consists of a Base Station Bridge DWL-1800B that is used to connect a single remote site or multiple remote sites to a central server or Internet connection. In a multipoint configuration, it is the central unit; in point-to-point configurations, it must be installed at one end of the link. The Remote Station Bridge is a DWL-1800R. Up to 128 Remote Station Bridges can be simultaneously connected to a single Base Station Bridge, forming a single wireless LAN.*

Weather-proof Design
Each Base Station Bridge DWL-1800B and Remote Station Bridge DWL-1800R consists of an Indoor and an Outdoor unit. The Indoor unit supplies power, interfaces to the LAN
inside the building through an Ethernet port, provides data connectivity to the outdoor unit. The Outdoor unit (normally installed on rooftop) is connected the Indoor unit through a sealed, water-proof interface cable, which can run up to 90 meters long. The Outdoor unit also has a front-end  radio with integrated 16 dBi flat panel antenna capable to transmitting data up to 25 km in FCC and 10km in ETSI. This antenna is mounted on the front cover of the Outdoor unit, which also functions as a protective sun cover.

Indoor/Outdoor Architecture
The Outdoor unit and its baseband (Ethernet) interface cable to the Indoor unit are completely sealed for water-proof, and can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh summer/winter weather. Power Over Ethernet is built in, allowing power to be supplied to the Outdoor unit via the interface cable. The Outdoor unit thus can be placed on a rooftop or other where no power outlets are available.

Easy Installation
Extensive LED diagnostics are provided, including 10-LED RSSI bar display for easy antenna alignment. Easy maintenance allows multiple units to be configured and remotely upgraded. A user friendly configuration and management utility is provided.


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