Wireless Controller c 2 ports 10/100/1000 Option * + 4-port 10/100/1000 LAN


The DWC-1000 wireless controller provides centralized management of devices in a wireless LAN network. The device is a full-featured and economical solution for small and medium business networks due to the ability to control 6 to 24 wireless access points for the DWC-1000 hardware version A1 and from 12 to 66 access points for the DWC-1000 hardware version C1, 4 controllers in a common group (cluster). The automatic detection of access points and centralized management allows users to purchase an enterprise-class system without the cost of performing large-scale and complex configurations. With its robust and versatile security system, the DWC-1000 provides protection against potential attacks of unauthorized users and devices on the wireless network.
Reliable and optimal network operation
DWС-1000 supports the functions of self-optimization and recovery, which ensures the smooth operation of the wireless network. Due to the periodic scanning of radio frequency channels and performance analysis, the DWC-1000 automatically selects channels and adjusts power to avoid interference and ensure uninterrupted network operation. In order to make up for an insufficient coverage area as a result of the failure of the access point, the DWC-1000 automatically increases the output power of the transmitter of neighboring access points to increase their coverage area.
Advanced security features
The DWC-1000 is a multifunctional solution for securing networks. The device supports the Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS) feature designed to detect unauthorized access points and clients, as well as various threats to wireless network security and unauthorized access. In addition, the device supports WEP, WPA Personal / Enterprise, WPA2 Personal / Enterprise, MAC-based authentication and the creation of an adaptive portal, a feature that allows users to block access until they are identified. This two-level authentication and authorization provides reliable protection against network attacks.
Scalability, availability and flexibility
Many companies often face the need to change the scale and structure of enterprises. To meet the ever-changing requirements, the DWC-1000 offers the latest solution: a Business Wireless Plus license that allows you to update the functionality of the device. D-Link offers two types of Business Wireless Plus license: to update the AP license and to update the VPN license. 
Updating the AP license allows you to increase the number of managed access points: the DWC-1000 hardware version A1 controls 6 access points by default and 24 access points after the maximum number of licenses is added; DWC-1000 hardware version C1 - 12 access points by default and 66 access points after adding the maximum number of licenses.
After updating the VPN license, the DWC-1000 controller implements the functionality of the VPN, router and firewall. Firewall features allow administrators to control network access using classification policies. Ports Option provides fault tolerance of the communication channel and a backup channel for the Internet connection to provide access to the Internet. 
VPN functions provide secure remote management of access points in branch offices. When building VPN tunnels, IPSec (IP Security), PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) or L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol) protocols are used to simplify the connection between the branch office and the main office via encrypted virtual channels. In addition, the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) VPN tunnels provides mobile users with remote access to a centralized corporate database. 
Simple operation
Centralized remote management functions provide automatic detection of compatible D-Link wireless access points, their addition to the list of managed access points and quick configuration with the same parameters as previous access points. With the ability to combine controllers into a cluster, administrators can configure and manage the entire group using a single controller. The monitoring of access points and connected stations in real time ensures efficient use of network resources. Hazard warnings and statistics collection greatly simplify management and allow optimizing network performance.

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