Wireless voice gateway subscriber gpon ONT with 1 gpon port 4 10/100/1000BASE-T and 2-FXS ports and 1 USB port


The use of GPON technology DPN-124G provides a connection for the optical channel with the device class GPON OLT. The main advantage of GPON technology is the optimal bandwidth usage. This technology is the next step in providing high-speed access to Internet services for home and office. DPN-124G allows you to organize reliable connection with high bandwidth over long distances for users living or working in remote apartment buildings and business centers. Tripleplay Services High-speed broadband with speeds up to 2.4 GB/s can simultaneously provide customers with all necessary services: IPTV, high quality IP-telephony services and access to the Internet. Voice The device is equipped with a FSX port which allows you to connect an analogue phone to use VoIP service provider. Wireless interface Using the wireless gateway DPN-124G, You can quickly arrange high-speed wireless network in the home or office, providing access to the Internet, computers and mobile devices almost anywhere (within range of a wireless network). The device can operate as a base station for connecting wireless devices of the standards 802.11 b, 802.11 g, and 802.11 n (with speed wireless connection up to 300 Mbps). A secure, wireless connection In DPN-124G supports multiple functions for the wireless interface. The device supports several security standards (WEP, WPA/WPA2), filtering devices by MAC address, and allows you to use WPS and WMM. In addition, the device is equipped with a button to disable/enable the Wi-Fi network. If necessary, for example, leaving the house, You can turn off the wireless network DPN-124G with one push of a button, while the devices connected to the LAN ports, will remain in the network. Advanced wireless network The ability to customize guest Wi-Fi network will allow You to create a separate wireless network, network security and maximum speed limit. Devices guest network will be able to connect to the Internet, but be isolated from the devices and resources the local network the wireless gateway. USB port DPN-124G is equipped with a USB port for connecting a USB-modem with which You will be able to connect to the Internet. In addition, You can connect to a USB port on the device USB drive that will be used as a network drive, or a printer. Security Voice gateway DPN-124G has a built-in firewall. The advanced security functions minimize threats of hackers and prevent intrusions to the local network and access to unwanted websites for users. Easy setup and update To configure the device via the userfriendly web-interface (available in Russian and English). DPN-124G checks the update server D-Link. If you have a new checked ON the web interface of the device notifies it is ready to install. Built-in client TR-069 enables you to configure and diagnose devices remotely, without the participation of the subscriber.

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Hardware Interfaces • Port GPON (SC/APC connector) • 4 LAN port 10/100/1000BASE-T • 2-port FXS with RJ-11 • USB 2.0 port Indicators • POWER • PON • LOS • 4 LAN led • 2 indicator PHONE • WIFI 2.4 GHz • WPS • USB • INTERNET Button • POWER ON/OFF button to turn on/off power switch • RESET button for system reset • WPS button to establish the secure wireless connection and enable/disable the wireless network Antenna • Two internal antennas with gain 3.5 dBi Scheme MIMO • 2 x 2 Power connector • Connect power supply (DC) PON The characteristics of GPON • Optical transceiver GPON Class B+ • Upstream (transmitter): 1310 nm ± 50 nm, max. speed is 1.244 Gbps (burst mode) • Downward flow (receiver): 1490 nm ± 10 nm, max. speed 2,488 Gbit/s (continuous mode) • Singlemode fiber optic cable • AES encryption • Support IGMP Snooping v1/v2, 16 records, on/off, Fast leaving • Study of MAC-addresses • Configuring UNI port (speed, duplex mode, flow control, disable/enable, auto mode) • The maximum length of frames: 1522 bytes • Compliant with ONT dying gasp • Authentication ONT Telephony The main functions of SIP • Individual account for each port • Call without registration • Registration by IP-address or domain name of the SIP server • Support backup SIP proxy server • Support for DHCP option 120 • Support the format of SIP URI (RFC3986) • Support for outbound (outbound) proxy server • STUN-client • Supports NAT (NAT-keep-alive) • Call types: voice/modem/Fax • User-configurable dial plan (dial plan) • Determination of the source and destination of the call manually (P2P) • Dialing E. 164 (with an exclusion rule ENUM) Call features • Direct call IP-to-IP without SIP proxy server • Hold/resume call • Call waiting • Call forwarding (unconditional, if busy, if no answer) • The "do not disturb" • Lock hidden numbers • Speed dial • Phonebook • Hot line • Shortcuts to special functions • Filtering by IP address (white/blacklist) • The "alarm clock" Voice • Codecs: G. 711 a/μ-law, G. 729A, G. 726, G. 722, G. 723.1 • DTMF detection and generation • In-band DTMF, out-of-band DTMF (RFC2833, SIP-INFO) • Comfort noise generation (CNG) • Determining the presence of a voice signal (VAD) • Dynamic jitter buffer • Generation of a signal passing the call (FXS) • Support for tone/pulse dial • Detection and generation caller ID (Caller ID) • Supports Fax (T. 30 FAX bypass G. 711, T. 38 Real Time FAX Relay) • Adjustable Flash Time • Volume control (speaker/microphone) Software Connection types WAN • LTE1 • 3G1 • PPPoE1 • IPv6 PPPoE • PPPoE Dual Stack • Static IP / Dynamic IP • Static IPv6 / Dynamic IPv6 • PPPoE + Static IP1 • PPPoE + Dynamic IP1 • PPTP/L2TP1 • PPTP/L2TP + Static IP1 • PPTP/L2TP + Dynamic IP1 Network functions • Support IEEE 802.1 X to connect to the Internet • DHCP server/relay • DHCPv6 server (Stateful/Stateless), IPv6 prefix delegation • DNS relay • Record support of DNSv6 AAAA class • Dynamic DNS • Static IP routing • Static IPv6 routing • IGMP Proxy • RIP • Support UPnP IGD • VLAN support • Support MVR • Supports ping from the external network (WAN ping respond) • Supports SIP ALG • Support RTSP • Configure the speed, duplex mode and function flow control (flow control) mode auto-negotiation/Manual setting of speed and duplex mode for each Ethernet port The firewall features • Network address translation (NAT) • Monitoring the status of network connections (SPI) • IP filter • IPv6-filter • MAC filter • URL filter • DMZ-zone • The protection ARP - and DDoS-attacks • Virtual servers • Built-in content filtering service Yandex.DNS VPN • IPSec/PPTP/L2TP/PPPoE pass-through • IPSec tunnels Function USB interface • USB модем2 • USB drive File browser Print server Account to access the drive Built-in Samba server Built-in FTP server Built-in DLNA server Built-in torrent client Transmission, files may be downloaded to a USB drive and it Management • Local and remote access settings for TELNET/WEB (HTTP/HTTPS) • Web interface configuration and management on the Russian and English languages • Notification on connection problems and auto redirect to settings • Update ON the gateway via web interface • Automatic notification about new version • Save and load configuration • Support for remote logging • Automatic synchronization of system time with NTP server and manual setting of date and time • Ping function • Traceroute utility • Client TR-069 The parameters of the wireless module Standards • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Frequency range • 2400 ~ MHz-2483.5 MHz Wireless security • WEP • WPA/WPA2 (Personal/Enterprise) • MAC-filter • WPS (PBC/PIN) Additional features • A "client" • WMM (Wi-Fi QoS) • Information about a connected Wi-Fi clients • Advanced settings • Guest Wi-Fi network / support MBSSID • Limit speed wireless network The speed of the wireless connection • IEEE 802.11 b: 1, 2, 5.5 and 11 Mbps • IEEE 802.11 g: 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 and 54 Mbps • IEEE 802.11 n: from 6.5 to 300Mbps (from MCS0 to MCS15) Physical parameters Dimensions (l x W x h) • 228 x 160 x 41 mm Operating conditions Food • Output: 12 V DC, 2 A Temperature • Operating: 0 to 40 °C • Storage: -40 to 70 °C Humidity • Operating: 10% to 90% (no condensation) • Storage: 5% to 95% (non-condensing) 1by request of the customer. 2B further editions.


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