Bluetooth 1.1. V.92 Modem
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Low Cost Wireless Internet Connection
The DFM-562BT Bluetooth modem plugs into any wall phone socket, acting as a dialer when prompted by another Bluetooth enabled desktop computer. For those without WiFi at home, this modem provides a nice solution. Other applications include web access on a PDA or laptop at an unconnected location. Such a low cost and simple wireless network using Bluetooth allows home users to benefit from the flexibility of their portable devices. You can, for example, surf the Internet or access email while sitting in the garden, then from your Bluetooth-enable computer or PDA, send documents wirelessly to a Bluetooth printer.

Low Power Design for Bluetooth Enabled Devices
The DFM-562BT modem offers Class 2 Bluetooth performance with a range of up to 10 meters. This is more than sufficient for use in the home or small office, yet with much lower power demands on the portable device.

Cable Free Dial-up Connection
Because the DFM-562BT removes the need for cables between PC and telephone port, several users or PCs/PDAs can share the use of a single modem, the only thing being you must make sure that they don't access the modem at the same times. With no cable required between the user and the telephone port, accessing the Internet is vastly simplified.

Data & Fax (*) Transmission
The DFM-562BT compact and lightweight modem offers a V.90/92 standard capable of 56kps Internet connection. It has a fax transfer send and receive rate of up to 14.4Kbps in addition to communications software that is compatible with AT commands.


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