AirPremier Wireless 108 G Access Point
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The  AirPremier  DWL-2200AP  is  an  enhanced  high-performance 802.11g wireless Access Point with 802.3af Power over Ethernet  (PoE)  for use  indoors. This device supports wireless networking speeds of up  to 108Mbps (Turbo mode) 1, while providing seamless interoperability with  802.11b/g  wireless  equipment.  With  high  data transfer  rates,  enhanced  security,  built-in  bridge function  and  PoE  remote  power  support,  this  device offers a business-class solution for a secure, high-speed wireless deployment.

Up to 108Mbps Speed 1
With  transmission  speeds  of  up  to  108Mbps  (Turbo mode)1  on  the  popular  2.4GHz  public  frequency,  the DWL-2200AP is an ideal solution for bandwidth intensive WLAN application. In a typical working environment with multiple users accessing the network at the same time, the DWL-2200AP can operate at 15 times the throughput of the normal 802.11b wireless LAN equipment.PoE Facilitates Remote Installation For maximum coverage, the DWL-2200AP can be placed at out-of-the-way locations such as on a ceiling or high wall, where AC outlets are  inaccessible and providing power to  these  locations  is  diffcult  and  expensive.  The  DWL-2200AP can easily obtain power from an Ethernet switch located  as  far  as  100 meters  away  through  the  unused pairs  of  your  existing  network cable,  doing  away  with the need to  install separate power wiring. With  industry-standard 802.3af PoE support,  the DWL-2200AP does not even require a PoE injector.

Advanced Network Security
The  DWL-2200AP  supports  64/128/152-bit  WEP  data encryption and WPA/WPA2 security functions. It provides the  latest  wireless  security  technologies  by  supporting both WPA and WPA2 Personal and Enterprise  to ensure complete network protection. In addition, the DWL-2200AP comes  802.11i-ready  to  fully  support  industrial-grade wireless security. Other security features included in this Access  Point  are MAC  Address  Filtering,  Disable  SSID Broadcast and support for Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) data encryption.

WDS (Wireless Distribution System) Support
To maximize total return on  investment, the DWL-2200AP can  be  confgured  to  operate  as  an  access  point  (AP mode),  a  point-to-point  bridge  or  a  point-to-multipoint bridge (WDS mode). In the WDS/Bridge mode, the DWL-2200AP communicates only with wireless bridges, without allowing for wireless clients or stations to access them.

Advanced Network Management
For maximum Network administrators can manage all the DWL-2200AP’s  settings  via  its  web-based  confguration utility or with Telnet. For advanced network management, the administrators can use the D-View SNMP management module  to confgure and manage multiple access points from  a  single  location.  In  addition  to  a  streamlined management  process,  network  administrators  can  also
verify and conduct  regular maintenance checks without wasting resources by sending personnel out to physically verify proper operation.

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