48 port IP DSLAM DC power supply, Rev B
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 The D-Link DAS-3248 is a 48-port IP-based DSL Access Multiplexer that provides ADSL access to CPE (consumer premise equipment) ADSL modems/routers at the subscriber side. This DSLAM connects to the network service provider"s network through its Ethernet interface. Using the latest ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ technology, this IP DSLAM provides carriers a very cost-effective solution to offer their subscribers with features such as bandwidth management, traffic prioritization and data flow security control.

Designed for Multi-Unit, Multi-Tenant Buildings

The D-Link DAS-3248 IP DSLAM delivers the next generation of high-performance business and residential DSL services. With the DAS-3248, carriers can offer digital video, high bandwidth Internet access.

48 ADSL Ports With Built-in Splitters

The DAS-3248 IP DSLAM provides 48 ADSL port connections, plus built-in ADSL/POTS splitter per port (48 ADSL ports via 2 RJ-21 (Telco-50) connectors, plus 48 splitter ports through 2 other RJ-21 (Telco-50) connectors). A 1000BASE-T or 1000BASE-LX Gigabit uplink connects the DAS-3248 to the carrier"s network.

VLAN Support for Enhanced Security

The DAS-3248 IP-DSLAM supports 802.1Q Tagged VLAN to provide complete subscriber isolation and enhance the ADSL network performance.

Versatile Management

Up to 8 DAS-3248 can be cascaded and managed as one single unit. With the local RS-232 and Ethernet management port, plus inband SNMP/TELNET channel, the DAS-3248 provides local and remote management capabilities using a Command Line Interface (CLI), SNMP and Telnet. In addition, a Microsoft NT/SNMP based GUI EMS system provides service providers with low-cost, high-value central management capability of the DAS-3248.

Complete ADSL Solution

With the DAS-3248 IP-DSLAM, D-Link provides service providers with a complete ADSL service solution. This IP DSLAM integrates and operates seamlessly with D-Link"s extensive range of ADSL modems and routers Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).

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  • 48 ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ subscriber interface ports
  • 1000BASE-T and fiber Gigabit uplinks to carriers" backbones
  • Built in POTS splitter per port

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