ISDN Router with Built-in Hub for SOHO Networks
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High-Speed Internet Access
When the network needs quality Internet access, this remote router provides the ideal high speed Internet access solution for your branch office or SOHO. ISDN is over two times faster than a normal modem connection. The router also supports bandwidth-on-demand (BONDing), which automatically hangs up the line when there is no traffic, thereby eliminating for users the unused phone charge.

Remote User Support
The remote router provides remote network access through ISDN. This allows for two users to login simultaneously from two different locations. Administrators can create an IP pool with dynamic IP assignment for remote users as needed. Remote users are free to choose from Win95/98, NT and/or software packages that allow for PPP support. Network Address Translator (NAT) The remote router supports Network Address Translator (NAT) which allows the network to support a large number of users from a single shared IP address for cost savings and enhanced security.

Robust Security Features
Many security features provide a secure network environment. Features such as password protection for the system management terminal, PAP, CHAP protocols are supported for remote access users, and
customizable firewall filtering for controlled access to and from the network. Up to 8 password protect accounts for remote administrators, which allow for network control via Telnet. RADIUS provides a
solution to centralizing authentication for remote access.

Built-in Ethernet Hub
The router has 6 Ethernet hub ports built into it to provide the small office users an all-in-one solution for Internet connection. The built-in hub feature saves users the time and trouble of purchasing and installing a separate hub by allowing 6 separate workstations to directly connect to the router.

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