ISDN Router for SOHO and Remote offices
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For SOHO, Branch Offices
This router is compact yet has high value, an ideal small or home office router that allows users to send and receive data  at 64Kbps or 128Kbps. With this router users can also send and receive normal telephone calls and faxes over your ISDN BRI line. With STAC data compression included as a standard feature, data transfer rate can be further increased to 600 percent. For Internet connectivity, this router is available with PPP-MP software to interoperate with Internet Services Provider (ISP) central site equipment. The Multi-Point capability allows calls to be made to2 separate locations, or to combine theB channels together when greater throughput is needed. PPP compression is also available to boost throughput and keep on-line time low.

This router saves users the cost of installing and paying ongoing charges for separate voice and fax lines. Simply connect telephone and fax machine to the router's voice and fax ports and those calls are automatically directed to the appropriate device. The "Call Bumping" feature means that telephone or fax calls are accepted even when both ISDN channels are in use. The router senses idle periods and automatically switches to spoofing mode. Spoofing closes the ISDN call to save on-line charges, and then automatically re-establishes the ISDN connection when data transfer activity is required. Spoofing prevents excessive ISDN on-line charges, which can become costly if not carefully controlled.

The router includes SNMP , a Web Browser Wizard for in-band management and configuration froma remote site as well as supporting Telnet and menu-based out-of-band management.

This router offers PAP , CHAP and XID security in addition to password and address confirmations. The router comes with NetProtect Firewall software built-in.


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