10/100Mbps 4-Port Server Adapter for PCI Bus
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Powerfull Performance This 4-port adapter provides very high-speed for servers-to-switch connection. With multiple dedicated bandwidths, load sharing and redundant backup functions built in, this adapter is most suitable for bandwidth-demanding, mission-critical client/server applications.

Bus Master Operation The adapter operates in the 32-bit bus master mode to deliver throughputs at multi-megabits per second with little stress on the host's CPU. Running at PCI clock speeds of up to 33Mhz independently of the network clock, each of the4 ports has its independent MAC transferring data directly to/from the host's memory, by-passing the CPU to alleviate the host's workload.

4-Port Trunk Each of the4 ports on the adapter can establish an independent full-bandwidth segment witha switch. When all 4 ports are connected to the switch, an 800Mbps trunk (4 Fast Ethernet ports running at full duplex) is created enabling high-speed, simultaneous access by workstations.

Per-port 10/100Mbps, full/half duplex Support All 4 ports independently support IEEE 802.3u auto-negotiation standard, meaning each port individually auto-senses 10/100Mbps network speed and auto-negotiates between 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX connection and full/half duplex. This gives users the maximum flexibility to establisha different line speed and transmission mode for each port.

SNMP Management On-board SNMP MIB counters allow the administrator to monitor statistics/traffic going through the server and to carry out other management tasks such as security control from a
management station running on D-Link's D-View, HP OpenView or other platforms.

Load Balance/Redundant Backup Users can configure all ports to be active (load-sharing mode) or some ports to act as backups (redundant links). Load sharing balances traffic among the active segments, while backup redundancy provides uninterrupted links between the server and the switch. The adapter comes with configuration software to permit users to configure these and other operation modes.

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