IP Telephone for Home & Business
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Long-distance Phone Charge Saving
With this Internet telephone, expensive long-distance and international phone calls over the ordinary telephone can be avoided altogether. Y ou make and receive voice calls over the same line that you use to connect to the Internet, and pay the same Internet connection charge, plus a service charge to your Service Provider.

Simple Operation
The DPH-120S operates just like any ordinary telephone. All destination numbers must be registered with your Internet Telephony Service Provider or Proxy Server . You dial your server's code, then your destination number; the Internet Telephony Service Provider or Proxy Server will map your number with the destination.

Broadband Connection
The DPH-120S has a built-in Ethernet interface to connect to a DSL or cable modem, or a router supporting DSL or cable modem connection. Once connected, you are logged on to the Internet and are ready to make and receive calls anytime.

Connection to IP Network
The DPH-120S can also be used with LANs with Ethernet and IP protocol support. V oice is transmitted on the same line with data, and telephone charges are eliminated altogether.

Guaranteed Voice Quality
The DPH-120S incorporates QoS functions to ensure that voice received on the IP Telephone is almost the same as that received on the ordinary phone. To allow for a smooth voice reception, voice packets get a higher priority over data packets on the network packet stream. Other capabilities include acoustic echo cancellation, voice activity detection/comfort noise generation (when there is a prolonged silence), and adaptive jitter buffer.

Simultaneous Voice/Data Communication
The DPH-120S is a speakerphone. It has a large LCD to display dial-out and call-in numbers. It also has redial, mute, transfer, voice mail, 3-way conference, call waiting, call forwarding and hold functions, plus a menu key and an address book.

Full-feature Phone
Voice and data travels at the same time on the same network line. The DPH-120S provides an extra RJ-45 connector that connects to your PC's Ethernet interface. This allows you to talk on the IP Telephone while browsing web sites, send e-mail, transfer files and do other network tasks.

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