4-Port VoIP Trunk Gateway
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The DVG-1104TH Voice over IP Gateway is equipped with voice compression hardware capable of placing voice calls to the PBXs or central office switches attached to remote voice gateways that are similarly equipped. The DVG-1104TH uses standardized H.323 signaling and audio transport compatibility features. These systems are capable of communication with other similarly equipped devices either directly, or through a Gatekeeper system.

4 PSTN Ports

A cost-effective IP telephony solution for the office, this VoIP trunk gateway provides 4 PSTN ports for connection to 4 telephones and/or fax machines. This allows you to make long-distance phone calls over a data network such as the public Internet.

Cost Savings on Long Distance and International Calls

The advantage is obvious: you use your existing ISP phone charge to cover long-distance/international calls. Voice over the Internet (VoIP) can be over a DSL or cable modem line. Its a cost-effective solution to connecting your office to the Internet and making long-distance phone/fax calls.

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